On break!

I love being on Spring Break. I’m just chilling at my parents’ house — sleeping, reading novels, watching movies. It’s absolutely what I needed after March block.

Our grades still aren’t up yet, but unlike during Winter Break, I’m not so worried this time. Not to say that this block was any easier (it wasn’t), but even if I didn’t pass anatomy, I’d just have to retake that exam in May, as opposed to spending the summer retaking the entire course. Also, I am personally satisfied with my level of knowledge of the head, neck, and upper extremity.

A few days ago, a friend from high school asked me for medical advice, for a friend of hers. I’ve been getting this on and off for a while. It’s different when it’s family though; I have no qualms telling my parents that I know nothing and that they should go see an Actual Doctor. Which is what I told my friend, too, but I felt bad about it. I did have some ideas, and if this were small group, I’d have been fine discussing them. It’s somehow different with a real person, though, especially someone I’ve never met. (Small group cases are drawn from what our preceptors have seen, but since there is an official diagnosis — a correct answer — they might as well be hypothetical.)

But you know what? It’s break. I’m not going to think about medicine any more until next Monday.


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