exams · MS-1

It’s that time of the month again

Exams start on Friday and continue through next Thursday. March Block is acknowledged by all to be absolute hell, but I’m trying to stay positive. In less than a week, anatomy will be over forever! And then we have Spring Break. I’m planning to go home and pass out on my parents’ couch for at least three days.

I’ve always thought of our class as very cohesive and cool and not at all competitive. But atlases have started disappearing from the anatomy lab, which puzzled me until I saw some people wrapping them in the red biohazard bags and stashing them in their lockers. Seriously? Maybe I just missed out on all this in college, because I avoided the regular premed classes as much as possible (I took the Chemistry for Chem Majors sequence, AP’ed out of bio and calculus; baby physics was the only “premed” class I took), but I thought we were cooler than that.

This year is P/F, but second year they throw honors into the mix. We are trying to convince the administration to change that.


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