exams · MS-1

No more exams!

Well, for a month, anyway.

It wasn’t such a bad block, since we didn’t have anatomy. I can’t wait for after Spring Break, when anatomy is Over For Good.

And now we have the med school formal tonight, which will be excellent. I love being all girly and getting dressed up for things — don’t get much chance for that these days.

Proof that med school takes over your life:
(3:40:04 PM) Laura: i was just painting my right hand
(3:40:15 PM) Laura: and im very unsteady with my left holding the brush
(3:40:34 PM) Me: uh oh
(3:40:39 PM) Laura: and the first thought to pop into my head is “gee i wonder if being ambidextrous makes you a better surgeon”

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