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ED Shadowing

Today I spent four hours shadowing in the peds ED, an opportunity set up by the peds interest group here. I love being in the hospital and seeing patients, even if as a first-year med student I don’t get to do much. (Though I examined a fifteen-month-old today!) I’m also impressed by how much the attendings, residents, and even third year med students, seem to enjoy teaching. Every five minutes, someone came up to me and was like “Wanna see a lupus case?”

There were mostly what the attending called bread-and-butter cases, the sorts of things that could and should really be seen by a generalist. But a couple of True Emergencies, brought in on stretchers by paramedics. So… a nice mix, I suppose.

The atmosphere fairly crackled with adrenaline pretty much the whole time I was there, even during the slow moments. Emergency certainly attracted a particular crowd, I can say that. After just 4 hours, I’m not quite sure if it’s my style, but I like the thinking-on-your-feet aspect of it. We’ll see.


3 thoughts on “ED Shadowing

  1. Thanks for letting us in on a very interesting part of your med school education, i really ejoyed reading this. also, thank you for your great blog, i love anything to to with health and medicine and really admire all of you medical students.
    best, tracy

  2. Yessss!!! i just noticed you added “The Kite Runner” to your list of books on the margin…it is my current “favorite book of all time”…how exciting to find another fan…!
    thanks, tracy

  3. Thanks!

    As for the books in the margin, it’s actually a randomized widget powered by LibraryThing. Aside from adding books to my library, I have no actual control over what shows up. But yes, The Kite Runner is probably the best book I’ve read — and I was a literature major in college!

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