You see this? Imagine it in black and white and about half the size, and you’ll get an idea of the pictures in my anatomy syllabus-textbook-thingy, written by the course director during the Nixon Administration and apparently illustrated by a three year old with no sense of proportion or relationships.

I mean, the big orange thing in the middle is, I think, supposed to be a uterus, but why does it have a zipper up the middle? Why are the ovary and uterine tube popping out of the fundus, like the spinning thing on a beanie, totally unsupported by mesometrium?

There is also a small plastic earring back (or maybe a cigarette) impaled in the bladder-like thing, and the bizarrely transected rectum appears to be receiving arterial supply and venous drainage directly from the sacrum.

Thank goodness for Netter.

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  1. Your observations are EXACTLY as mine. I looked at your picture before reading the post and thought, “Hm. My cadaver’s uterus didn’t have a zipper… Also, does the bladder smoke? And does the human being fart because of a real WHOOPIE CUSHION all up in there?”

    I am sorry that you have to even look at this! Netter Forever.

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