I was going to complain about my day-long fast (too busy to grab anything to eat between 8 and 6), but then I checked my email and learned that someone I know — the most upbeat guy I’ve ever met — has cancer. We knew he was sick because he had been away for a few weeks, but then he returned, bald and as jovial as ever, so I assumed that whatever was wrong had been fixed.

I guess you can’t fix all the people, all the time.

2 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. amen – it’s hard to work when hungry, and then the sickest patients go and put in all in perspective (which you can muse about…over food). but seriously, they do have a way of making you realize you don’t have it so bad.

  2. I second Jen. Also, you can continue to blog about it. Where have you gone? Come back!

    Just kidding – hope you’re out doing something REALLY FUN and NON-SCHOOL for the holiday!

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