New Block Resolutions

Well, exams were fair-to-middling. I passed (at least the ones whose grades have been put up), but only marginally in anatomy.

We started a new block today — essentially, starting afresh. So here are my Block 3 Resolutions.

I will:

  • Spend 1 hour per lecture prereading the night before.
  • Spend 1 hour per lecture reviewing, the same afternoon.
  • Spend 2 hours in anatomy lab every Sunday, reviewing the structures for the previous week.

I will not:

  • Fritter away my study time on YouTube. (Diagnosis Wenckebach can conceivably be a “study aid”, but the temptation to watch SEVERAL HOURS of French and Saunders is just too great.)
  • Study only in the hellhole that we call a library.

This is what I did first block, and it worked. It also kind of sucked, balance-wise. Second block, I swung too far the other way — making free time at the expense of my studies. Maybe this time I’ll find the happy medium.

(That sounds like a Lifetime Original show, doesn’t it? “The Happy Medium.” Seances and crystal meth.)

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