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For the first time, I feel reasonably prepared for a test in med school. Of course, they haven’t provided us with any practice questions for this class, so that might have something to do with it. Heh. Syllabi are incredibly high-yield, though. My school doesn’t officially provide syllabi anymore, but there are old ones floating around; they cover exactly what the lecturer emphasized and are much easier to understand than the Powerpoints. I heartily approve.

(For non-med students out there: med school syllabi aren’t just a list of topics to be covered. Rather, they are extensive, multi-page lecture notes. The anatomy syllabus, for instance, is 650 pages long, excluding the index, errata, and learning objectives appendices.)

I’ve been a lot better about balance this exam block. For instance, I take about half an hour every evening before bed to read White Teeth, a novel of Awesome by one Zadie Smith. It helps to pull myself out of STRESS mode and remember the power of literature.

Speaking of which, I got the teaching job I applied for and have been teaching 7th graders every other Saturday for the past few weeks. It’s a lot of fun, and coming up with lesson plans is not as terrifying as I thought it would be. (There are two other advisors, who are full-time, so that helps.) I’ll be teaching solo in December when I do my elective; I know what I want to teach but am holding off on the actual planning until post-exams.

It’s going to be so relaxing to have a real weekend this time. I wonder what I’ll do.

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