exams · MS-1

P = MD

I passed my exams!

We’re on a P/F schedule, which is God’s gift to medical students. You simply can’t imagine how fantastic it is to not worry about GPA anymore.

To celebrate, my college roommate (who is visiting this weekend) and I picnicked in Union Square Park with Greenmarket produce — bread and cheese and the strangest-shaped plums you ever did see — and went to the Strand, an amazing bookstore. I think this will have to be my post-exam relaxation every block.

This is the weekend of no studying. One needs it from time to time. Hobbies are good.


2 thoughts on “P = MD

  1. congrats! Be sure to keep it all in perspective your first year – it’s a very overwhelming one and as long as you get the basics, you’re good (and no residencies look at those grades, so it’s great yours are pass fail!).

  2. Thanks, Jen. Definitely trying to keep it in perspective — it’s way too easy to get swept up in the hordes heading for the library every night and forget that there is life outside your apartment (or in my case, dorm room).

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