classes · MS-1

First exams are in about ten days. My study group met for the first time this afternoon and we tried to cover three weeks’ worth of material in just a few hours. It was rough, but I think it was worthwhile. Much easier to study when there are others to talk through the slides with.

Tomorrow, we are going into the anatomy lab to look at various cadavers and aberrancies. Our anatomy exam is only on the thorax, but it’s frightening to think how much material is contained in just that segment.

We start clerkships next week. It’s not anything like 3rd year rotations: we just learn to interview patients under the guidance of a clinical care provider. We had a practice session today with patient-actors, and it was incredibly difficult…. Perhaps I was concentrating too hard on my body language, because I had trouble coming up with things to say. Whereas I’m sure that if I met this woman (or character, whatever) in a regular social context, without the white coat, I would find it much easier to establish rapport, etc.

On the fun side of things, I went to a wine tasting last night and learned all about Italian wines. It was sort of my last free night before I buckle down and study.

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