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First day!

As first days go, this was among the best.

I woke up early with an adrenaline rush and watched the sun rise (or rather, the reflection of the sunrise; my room faces west). Made myself a proper breakfast and spent the morning running last-minute errands: getting my name pin fixed, picking up my anatomy book and white coat, things like that.

We only had class from 10-12 today, with a five-minute break between the lectures. It wasn’t too difficult; they are starting off with college-level biochemistry, which I majored in. Aside from a very few numerical details, I had seen the material before. I guess that’s why they say college biochem helps in med school. Granted, in one hour we covered about two weeks’ worth of college material, but the familiarity helps get things settled.

In the afternoon I went grocery shopping to a new store. Had to hike through Harlem to get there, through an area that looked like the Jets and the Sharks were just around the corner, snapping their fingers and dancing like the extremely fey gang members they are. Definitely wouldn’t want to go there at night, but the selection and cost was worth it.

I also cooked today! I’m very proud of myself, even if it was just and pasta. Cooking makes a nice break from studying. I think I’ll be doing a lot of it.

And I just watched a beautiful crimson sunset over the Hudson as lights shone on the George Washington Bridge and a canoe paddled downriver. God, I love this place.

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