By way of belated introduction

(This shoulda been post #1, but you can’t win ’em all.)

I’m a soon-to-be medical student at a school in New York. My parents are both Indian immigrants who showed up in the States to do some programming in the early 1980s and ended up staying for the jobs and later, for the schools. After a fairly typical suburban childhood, I ended up at my state university, where I double-majored in biochemistry (aka premed, in more ways than one) and comparative literature (aka pure joy). I had a great time there, especially in my third and fourth years, but alas! in May they handed me a piece of fake-parchment and evicted me from my idyllic residential college room. So I’m back at home with my parents for the summer, writing, reading, and trying to get myself organized before school starts.

Bored yet? Me too.

Seriously, the best way to know me is to read my blog. I’ll be writing about all things medical — the application process (which, frankly, sucks), classes, issues in medical ethics or policy, international healthcare, and my pet project: medical fiction. I promise to keep the personal stuff to a minimum, because no one wants to read about how Mom hates me and doesn’t understand me and . You can get enough of that weepy stuff on Lifetime.

Well, that’s it, really. I hope you enjoy.


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